The Care Plus O.R.S. Electrolyte Solution is a glucose and salt preparation that stimulates the intake from fluid in the intestines in the event of watery faeces, diarrhea, vomiting, excessive transpiration, physical efforts...  and of course : in the lack of water availability !!!
Basically : it prevents and help treating the potentially lethal dehydration !
As you know : one can survive 3 weeks without food and only 3 days without water !
Each pack contains 12 sachets O.R.S. that are soluble in water.
Care Plus® O.R.S is suitable for all ages and has a refreshing flavor with lemon and lime aromas.
You can also get its specially made Scoop in order to give the proper dose to young children, to take small doses after each diarrhea, vomiting episodes...
Make sure that you read the very clear instructions included in the box.
Whether while traveling, bushcrafting, joining an expedition : never leave without it !

Ingredients and values per sachet :

Glucose (an-hydrate) :

  4.00 g

Sodium chloride :

  0.35 g

Tri-sodium citrate 2h20 :

  0.59 g

Potassium chloride :

  0.30 g

Aspartame : 0.005 g

  0.005 g

 Lemon and lime Flavor

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  • Manufactured by: CARE PLUS

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