BCB's popular patented Commando Wire Saw just got better.
The tightly woven (8 wire) stainless steel saw now offers increased life span.
Its lanyards will make a intensive use comfortable.

With a breaking strain of 48 kgs, it is the ultimate saw.
Not a cheap copy, same quality as the NATO approved original with rings.
A must have for every outdoor survival, bushcraft, camping and nature  lovers !
To be added to any survival kit !

My Tips : "I always carry mine slightly oiled in a Ziplock. It will prevent rusting, help it keep its toughness and make cutting easier. Try not to have your hands too close to avoid over heating on just one spot of the saw  and use (if possible) the full length of the wire."


  • Can be used for escape and evasion
  • Will cut wood, plastic and bone
  • Can be made into a bow saw
  • weight only 10g

  • 3 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: BCB

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